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Elegibility for membership in the VFW is reserved for those US Citizens that have served or are currently serving in an overseas conflict. Aside from the prestiege of this elite status and the camaraderie of being a member, there are many benefits that you are entitled to.


If you've served in an overseas conflict or are still serving in an overseas conflict, you most likely are eligible to join the VFW, an organization that was established in 1899 to fight for the welfare of those men and women that have worn the uniform. Nearly 1.5 million members strong, the VFW welcomes new members. Learn More.

Membership Benefits

As a member of the VFW, there are many benefits that are available to you and your family. The VFW has joined with many patriotic business accross the country to offer discounts on merchandise and services. Take a few minutes to learn more about these valuable benefits.

Become a Member

Take the next step and Join this elite membership of fellow service veterans. Visit the On-Line-Membership form, stop by the Post and ask for an application or Contact Us.